About the nature and climate


The region is a semi-desert with lots of cactuses, agaves, rosemary, wild lavender and thyme, rough mountains, canyons and greener valleys.

In the rambla de Canalejas, a small stream between Los Lobos and Guazamara, you will find (protected) wild turtles.

Around the house we spot many bee-eaters (in summertime), various birds of prey, owls, foxes, rabbits and partridges.Beach at Terreros


The region has one of the mildest climates in the Mediterranean. Temperatures vary from 30-35º Celsius in the summer to 10-18º in winter. On the beaches it is cooler in summer and the bungalow has been built in such a way that it catches the sea breeze (Levante) on the veranda. In winter, when the wind blows over the snow on the inland mountains, it may be cold for a while. But also in wintertime there are may days when you can eat out in the sun at lunchtime.